Since March 2005, American HR Consultant has been the multinational groups preferred contractor for servicing its professional skilled and semi skilled (Construction, Electrical, Mechanical, Catering & Fuel division) workers as per request. A proven production capability to meet the our contractors stringent quality standards as well as….
Difference in Approach
  • Dedicated and highly qualified professional staff
  • Consistently meeting the requirements of the contractor
  • Over full time employees assigned exclusively to this project
  • Guaranteed 48 hour turnaround
Emphasis on Quality & Value
  • Full compliance with all contractor requirements
  • Proven ability to support the contractor during surge requirements
World Class Customer Support & Service
  • Best Value for Money
  • Highly professional candidates serve to contractor on time
  • Drop Off & Pick Up Facilities
  • Surge Capabilities
  • Customer Rating of 99.7%
  • Time Sensitive Delivery Commitment
  • Emergency Services
  • High Standard of Hygiene & Sanitation
  • Emphasis on Safety