Welcome to LDS
Time may be the most precious thing in one’s life. That is why we are here to introduce some services to you. There is a number of things one ought to do, but difficult to fulfil due to the lack of enough time,lack of proper knowledge in particular matter or any other reason. Normally dealing with government offices for any issues like acquiring concerned certificates, different permits, licences etc. are literally very time consuming.The cost for these services, levied by the government may be nominal. But the applicant will have to spend more money, especially their precious time uncertainly. You may need some sorts of certificates like Encumbrance, Possession, Location and many more for the purpose of property transaction, loan etc. There are other certificates like marriage, birth, death, nativity, residential, educational, duplicates (when original lose)……., the list goes on. All these avail from government agencies.
At present we offer our services in Document/Certificate procurement, charging a reasonable fee. We hope it will be useful for NRIs and other busy working class. Most of the certificates we can acquire on behalf of the customer. But in case of some documents like marriage certificate, physical presence of the couple is a must. We are planning to be a SINGLE WINDOW for all the government related paper works. All works related to property transaction like document verification, sale deed preparation, property registration, proposed site investigation , property measurement, verification of every types of certificates (to prevent fake) etc. are some of our future plans. Other odd/special services, which are not listed here also can be worked out on request.
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