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Welcome to Manathala Family

Manathala family hailing from the Trichur district of Kerala state, India is renowned for its great lineage in traditional Ayurvedic treatments.Generations of traditional physicians from this family have come up to make valuable contributions for the well-being of humanity. Their skill and practical knowledge in Ayurveda have stood in good stead while they render effective treatment for various ailments.

The great heritage of many years of clinical experience and research studies conducted by physicians of different generations from this family stands to its credit. The old manuscripts (Ancient Scriptures) in Ayurveda, which have been preserved here, bring out the hidden treasure of Manathala Ayurvedic Tradition. The Manathala physicians were the most sought-after ones for the classical as well as traditional approach they adopted while treating various diseases. Even certain acute cases have been treated producing amazing results. With more than two Hundred fifty years of traditional background in Ayurveda Treatments, the Manathala family still continues to make invaluable contributions in the health sector.

Ayurveda is the traditional healing science of India with a legacy of more than 3000 years. This age-old holistic medicine emphasizes on prevention of diseases rather than their cure. Ayurveda helps to attain relaxed mind-body harmony, keeping pace with the laws of NATURE. Ayurveda believes that man is an epitome of the universe. It gives a graphic account of how the living body is only a microcosm of the macrocosm that is nature, and all elements that exist in the nature are reflected in the living body in its minutest form. This close interaction with nature form the bases for the indigenous thought process which is the foundation of this medical system.