Our mission is to provide our customers with the best product with low priced in such a way that quality would not be compromised. Yes that’s what our belief is “quality shall never be compromised”, to provide you the specialty of each country and region of the world with a unique taste and surely the fresh one as well. Our mission is to provide the best type of product, for the rice we are importing it from Pakistan and India i.e with great taste & quality. We import food to U.A.E and we export the food of U.A.E to other countries that is howwe bring food stuff to U.A.E and introduces U.A.E’s food to the other country.
Mazaya Al Jawda (MAJ) as it is popularly known, is today a name to reckon with as importer, exporter and wholesaler of all kinds of foodstuff. Within a short span of time, it has earned for itself an industry wide reputation, covering restaurants, 5 star hotels, supermarkets, Public Kitchens and retail outlets, as an extremely quality conscious supplier of rice, dates, soft drinks and many more things.
MAJ popularity is attributed to a couple of factors. The first among them is Quality. MAJ sources its products from producers around the world, ensuring only the best reaches you.   Yet another factor going for MAJ is the freshness of the product, its hygienic packaging that ensures a longer shelf life.
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