Welcome to Shadows Consulting & Investigations   Services
Shadows Consulting & Investigations is a full-service and insured private investigations firm that provides professional, discreet, and confidential services to law firms, private individuals, and businesses.Whatever you are investigative needs, we have a solution.          Shadows C & I offers a virtually unlimited list of capabilities. Listed below is a comprehensive list of investigations we offer our clients. Our private detectives individually specialize in each service.
Our services are only offered for legal purposes. Please check that the services we offer do not violate any laws in your country or jurisdiction:
    Intellectual Property Services.   Investigation of Bank Frauds. Anti Management Activities.
  Pre/Post Employment Screening. Individual Background Screening.   Fraud relating to Motor Vehicles,
Medical Insurance Claims etc.
  Asset Verification for Banks
and Financial Institutions.
  Corporate Investigations.   Business Market & Company Survey.
    Premarital Screening.   Missing/Absconding People Findings.   Surveillance/Shadowing.