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Golden Falcon Pest Control and Building Cleaning is well known in cleaning services and pest control for both government and Private sector in United Arab Emirates.

We, at Golden Falcon Pest Control And Building Cleaning, believes that our services are of high quality and are effective in all our operations through our high skilled approved engineers using environmentally sounding unique products from leading manufacturer from first world countries such as Drexel Chemical Company (USA) , Frunol Delicia (Germany), DTS OABE (Spain), and Pest Control Technology (Australia).


Cockroaches acquire pathogenic bacteria simply by walking over cultures and these pathogens are subsequently transferred to foodstuffs during the normal foraging behavior of the infested roach.

Rodent ‘s

MICE & RATS are common types of rodents found in homes and buildings. They live in the roofs, basements, crawlspaces,and sometimes in your living area. Rodents cause considerable damage to personal property, and structures, with their chewing and gnawing. Seventy percent of home fires each year can be attributed to rodents chewing on electric wires. In addition, rodents spread bacteria and life-threatening diseases.

Bed Bug’s

They are two species of bedbug which spread with Mankind as blood feeding parasites.
Cimex lectularius & Cimex hemipter.
Bed bugs are detrimental to human health because
they carry hepatitis virus and able to transmit human diseases.
continuous blood sucking night after night can cause anemia to young children or old man.
repeated bite can cause allergic reaction, irritation discomfort, sleepless nights etc.


Subterranean termites, the most common kind, live in the soil. There are distinct castes within each colony- the largest group being the workers, blind and wingless they bore galleries in wood.

1. Forage for food and care for other members of the colony. It is the workers , along with newly-hatched nymphs that do the damage to the structure.

2. Soldier termites protect the colony from attack by invaders such as ants. In its final growth stage, the soldier termites acquires a long armored head and large strong jaws.

3. Each colony has one queen or more, whose mission is to lay eggs. These develop into new colony members.

There is only one primary queen , but when she dies,secondary queens are often produced.

1. Once a year new members of the winged reproductive caste develops, A single colony may produce several hundreds of these.



to introduce a clean lifestyle with clean environment.

We have an efficient and experienced work force with modern cleaning machineries and devices, to enable us to carry out all kinds of professional cleaning jobs at very reasonable prices, up to the maximum satisfaction of the clients.


A- Floor Care

1- marble, granite, terrazzo and vinyl tiles scrubbing, protection, polishing. Special treatment for slippery floor surface.

2- carpets and rugs

-we treat and remove the most stubborn stains.

-we clean carpets by using spray-extraction the perfect hygienic system for deep and professional cleaning (2 hours to dry).

With dust mites control, it causes asthma and allergy for human beings.

-we use a rotary machine for cleaning very dirty carpets.

B- Sofa, Chair and Cushion Care

Using the same system, spray-extraction

C- glue removal & professional general cleaning of villa, flat, office & buildings.