LED Phototherapy is truly new generation machine for the treatment of newborn jaundice, compared to conventional method of phototherapy LED phototherapy will meets AAP Guidelines of Intensive Phototherapy and consider ....


Ibis finally achieved India’s solution for phototherapy with affordable and reliable technology” .....
DR Naveen Jain
HOD ,Department of Neonatology
Kerala Institute of Medical Science ( KIMS)

“This LED Phototherapy is probably the best one that I Have come across , Low Cost , free from side effects and finally baby friendly” - Dr George
Consultant Neonatolgist
S H Medical Centre

“I REX LED Phototherapy unit giving good result , very efficient and safe with low power consumption” - Dr Sreenivasan
Consultant Neonatolgist
Amala Medical College Hospital , Thrissur

IBIS Launching I Rex LED Phototherapy Free Demo Program to all hospitals
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Technology Partner : NITC

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I Core 10 Advanced Radiant Warmer

I Core 10 Advanced Radiant Warmer with high quality and International Standard

IBIS MEDICAL now offers economy solution for LED Phototherapy

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