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MOUSAI is a company dedicated to reenergizing people and bringing them back in touch with the gift of music and dance.
Mousai India Our Unique Methodology    
Mousai India\ Dance and music directly connects the heart to the mind at an emotional and spiritual level.
Mousai India\ Music and dance is inherent in everyone and needs to be re-discovered and re-learnt.
Mousai India\
It is a fun , exciting and unconventional way to learn things.
Mousai India\ The grasping power of the brain is better when the auditory and kinesthetic senses are involved.
Mousai India\ Dance and music possess therapeutic properties.
Mousai India Thought for the Day    
Learn to be a real optimist and expect the very best in everything you undertake
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Mousai India Testimonials    
“I feel liberated and have been able to release my inhibitions”
“This workshop has empowered me to control my emotions and guide myself better. I now feel I would be able to express myself better”
“I feel more positive and joyous!”
“I would definitely recommend this workshop to all my friends!”
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