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“Understand the strategic decision to overcome the consequences of Economic Depression”
This program is to empower executives and decision makers to understand the management requirements along with their operational and technical support in amalgamations. Attendees will gain the knowledge of merger and acquisition mechanism in rapidly changing market. This workshop is formed to present the facts and feature of Merger and Acquisitions driven by the economic conditions. The real time case studies are listed to demonstrate and analyze the drivers of M&A, which will help you to understand the surrounding situation and provide you with the necessary tools to deal with it. The seminar will mainly focus on four aspects of strategic management that requires leadership and analytical skills... Read More
PDMC About Us
Mission Statement  
“To be a true partner in improving businesses and developing successful professionals”

Professional Development Management Consultancy ‘PDMC’ was established to provide total training solutions, management support and consultancy services to the clients and customers seeking continuous learning and skill training to the staffs and management solutions as a unified hub to source various supports to other departments. Knowing that there are cultural and language diversity with the multinational companies in UAE and Middle East, we offer training and programmes in a variety of subjects. PDMC’s approach is to understand its clients’ needs, conduct a mind mapping process and then develop customized training and development solutions to meet the client’s satisfaction in various levels of the management.

It is our mission to inspire professionals to undertake their continual development and involve them in learning process. Our services include various level of management development skill, such as leadership coaching, mid management and top managerial level training, motivational coaching, team building exercise – convey our belief that staff is an asset of companies and by providing adequate training helps business to in-line the business objective and continuous growth in the sustainable market could be achieved. In addition, many seminars and workshops are conducted to help professionals of various backgrounds to develop their decision making strategies.

    Values and beliefs  
  • Performance Oriented: Deliver our promises to meet client satisfaction.
  • Durability: Innovating ideas to develop sustainable solutions.
  • Motivation: Inspiring clients to be our industry partners benefiting from every opportunity in the market.
  • Collaboration: unite professionals to create a knowledge hub.
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